Greek Police Arrest Fascist Members of Parliament

According to this article on Slate, six elected members of the Neo-nazi "Golden Dawn" party have been arrested on charges of starting a criminal gang. This isn't surprising to me, and I don't think it should be surprising to anyone; if any political affiliation should be described as a criminal gang, it's fascism.

What… »9/30/13 12:18pm9/30/13 12:18pm

Let's All Celebrate 50 Years of Bible-free Public Schooling with Ellery Schempp

Sometimes it may seem as though the War on Christmas is locked in a stalemate. Every year we have the same old arguments, whether they involve the Ten Commandments being displayed at a courthouse, nativity scenes in public parks, or crosses plastered on public property.

While the annual whinging of such outlets as Fox… »6/20/13 10:21pm6/20/13 10:21pm